Who are we?

Van de Meeberg Meijer & Bergman BV is an independently dedicated multidisciplinary Personal Family & Business Office.

Unlike most other offices, we not only serve the individual relationship (with possibly his or her family), but also the affiliated company(s).

We do this in a very personal, proactive, and discreet way.

We offer a distinctive, complete, and excellent package of financial, fiscal, banking, legal, and administrative services. Our objective is to optimize your assets and income, to structure, and to realize returns for you.

Your personal goals and vision of life are leading for us, throughout the advisory and guidance process.

We do not, like several fellow offices, only act as director or coordinator for your financial activities towards, your asset manager(s), advisors and/or bank(s). We provide this from our own organization and associates. That is what makes our Family Office unique.

Ultimately, you decide exactly how we will support you and/or your family and/or company, and of course you will make the final decisions about your assets.

Have you become interested in our services? We will happily invest in you, through a non-committal introductory meeting.

Team Van De Meeberg Meijer & Bergman

The process

What does our process look like and what areas do our services cover?

1. setting (personal) objectives and final goals

It all starts with a (non-committal) personal introduction meeting. If you choose our office, the agreements we make with you will, of course, be documented in a Service Agreement. After that, the inventory phase begins; we would like to gain insight into the legal, financial and tax structure of you privately and of your (possible) company(s). Our focus is to pay attention to your personal wishes and goals.

2. development of appropriate (innovative) solutions

After setting your personal goals and having formulated the final goals, we will analyse your data and we will start developing suitable, tailor-made solutions. These solutions will be discussed with you and explained in detail. Based on this, you can decide which solution suits you best.

3. implementing the strategies

After phase 2, as defined above, we will implement your chosen strategy. This means that at this stage we will frequently contact parties where you have arranged your affairs. For example, we monitor routes towards banks and asset managers, where we will make the changes you want, and we will coordinate the administrative operations.

4. monitor and update

If phase 3 is in order, then it is important to continuously monitor it with regards to developments in the financial markets, and to adapt it to your personal objectives. This means that we are in contact with each other every quarter to see how things are ‘going’, and we will proactively propose improvements and/or additions for our part. In this phase we will also include your specific wishes in the daily practice.

Our fields of expertise

To give you insight into the work we can carry out for you, and the areas in which we can guide you, you will find an elaboration of the 8 main groups we work with internally. It’s not an exhaustive list. If you have an issue with a subject that has not been mentioned here, do not hesitate to approach us. Because of the very broad experience of our ‘trusted advisors’, we can always be of service to you.

Financial (life) and tax planning

The objective is to establish a total picture of the personal or joint financial and..

Estate planning

The main objective in this main group is to manage the assets for future generations, and to..

Wealth management

The objective is to optimally divide the capital and achieve a ‘good’ return in relation to..

Accounting and Accountancy

The objective is to support you with optimal accountancy. In practice, we regularly see quality..

Business Services

One of the characteristics of our office is that we can offer you..

Asset protecion

Creating and maintaining your assets is already a challenge, but once there are assets, they must..

Juridic Service

Legal guidance is very important. We regularly observe that the financial..


As far as we are concerned, it is important that the organization you donate..

How are we rewarded?

Our office enters into an Agreement of Service (OVD) with you. Our Terms of Advice can be found on this website.

Our remuneration consists of either an agreed hourly rate (advance indication of the number of hours – we set a basic hourly rate annually), or a fixed fee or a percentage of your measurable assets (assets under management). Which system of payment we will use will of course be discussed with you in advance. A combination of systems is also possible.

After completing the primary assignment, we typically work with Service Subscriptions (SA). These are taken out on an annual basis. You will know exactly what the all-in guidance will cost you on an annual basis. Of course, the subscription is extensively described and you know exactly what to expect from us. Even on a subscription, of course, additional services are always possible.

We are never rewarded by banks, asset managers, insurers etc.

In addition, we have various arrangements with notary, accounting, and law firms for our permanent relations.

Contact information

If this website has piqued your interest, we would like to invite you to have a non-committal meeting with us.


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